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Katalin was born in Budapest, Hungary, and moved to England in 1999. The beginnings of Music Essences came about during her training as crystal healing therapist, which inspired her to investigate the healing properties of music. As a professional violinist she has performed extensively in England and abroad, now also playing within the more intimate and intensive setting of Music Essences workshops, where she performs the music from which the essences have been created.

Katalin ensures that absolute purity is maintained in the production of her essences, and all products derived from them, and this secures the integrity of the Music Essences system.

Simon, alongside his work as a classical recording producer, is responsible for making the essences accessible and available, whilst also actively engaged in the process of creating, testing and refining the products themselves. He has pioneered a system for encoding vibrational information for consciousness expansion into audio form, that gives our audio meditation CDs their deeply therapeutic and transformative touch.

Simon also specialises in the field of exposure to non-ionising electromagnetic radiation, and develops technologies to help individuals find solutions to this generally underestimated threat to everyone's health - see resonancesciences.uk


We live with our two children in Somerset, England, where we aspire to a holistic lifestyle, growing organic vegetables, creating a woodland, keeping bees, and using sustainable energy where possible.

Our products are produced in a dedicated hygeine-controlled building, where the utmost care is taken to ensure purity - physical and vibrational - of the product. Everything we offer for sale is made by ourselves in small, carefully-monitored batches. Our ingredients are pure and natural: we avoid the use of harsh or synthetic ingredients, and everything offered here is suitable for those who are sensitive to chemical exposure.


Stock’ or ‘Combination’ Essences:


  • Before taking an essence, we suggest a few moments of stillness, as they operate more effectively when the recipient is in a calm, clear and focused state.

  • Take two drops (individual essences) or four drops (combination essences) under the tongue, directly from the bottle, or as directed by your practitioner.

  • Alternatively, place a drop directly onto a chakra point or an acupressure point.

  • Essences can also be taken in a glass of water or added to bath water.

  • If you wish to make up combinations that you intend to keep for a period of time, add a few drops to a mix of 50% water with 50% vodka or brandy.


Please note that these suggestions and the supporting documentation are not intended to be interpreted in a rigid manner. Music Essences connect with the energy of pure potential in different vibrational 'flavours' and through particular chakra points. The essences thus have the ability to adapt to the situation they are introduced to and work with you naturally in whatever way you need them to. Use the descriptions and keywords we have provided for guidance purposes only, as the essences have the flexibility to adapt to your personal circumstances at the time of use.

Aura Sprays and Massage Oils


  • Aura sprays are best used for stimulating your environment or enhancing the aura (the space around your body). Simply spray a mist around your body and/or above the head with one or two presses.

  • Massage oils can also be applied to the chakra points - or their related areas - to induce balance. They can also be used for a full body massage or for reflexology. The oils may also be applied as a body lotion for everyday use (apply liberally before or after a bath or shower) allowing a few minutes for absorption. Alternatively, a few drops may be added to bath water.

  • The sprays and oils are for external use only.

  • Both products contain essential oils.

  • If you are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy or asthma then consult your health practitioner before use.

We have developed these products to operate in a balanced way and we know of no side-effects resulting from using these products. However, it is possible that you may feel the effects of your own personal clearing and healing processes that sometimes take place. Trust your intuition regarding the frequency of use or consult a qualified practitioner if in doubt.

 Visualising the essences in action:

Music Essences™  are based around the ‘human drama’ and what it means to be human. They are ideal for facing core fears, releasing karma, unearthing unconscious limiting beliefs and reconnecting to forgotten aspects of the Soul. The essences have many qualities including accessing information residing in the subtle bodies and expanding the consciousness of the patient or user. Where this process meets a mental, emotional or physical block, healing may be triggered.

  Important Note: These self-healing tools do not replace medical attention and the descriptions are intended only as a guide. None of the material contained here is intended to replace medical advice. If you are already taking medication, do not stop without medical supervision.

What are Music Essences?