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Calmspace Pro System - Universal Unit

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    Excerpt from user manual. A full manual is included with the device.

    1.1 Technical specifications

    Input voltage: 110V to 230V AC / 50Hz to 60Hz.

    Power consumption: 1.7W

    Reactive current of capacitor filter network: 1.3A +/-10% [note: this does not add to your metered “power consumption”, though 3rd party consumption meters may erroneously indicate a high reading. The actual cost of running the device corresponds to the 1.7W shown above, for example at £/EUR 0.14/KWh the cost comes to about £/EUR 0.17 per month].

    1.2  Function

    When the Lifespace device is plugged into a wall socket and turned on, it uses the live mains electricity wiring to set up a coherent energy field that is beneficial to everyone within the space. The effect of the Lifespace field is to enable us to remain more stable and feel more ‘grounded’, and no longer ‘tuned in’ to harmful energies. It achieves this by boosting our resonance with the Earth's natural electromagnetic field – which is essential for a strong immune system and a stable nervous system. This is accomplished by using a wiring matrix inside the unit that incorporates the benefits of natural ‘Fullerenes’ (Carbon C60) which, by virtue of their unique geometry, form a resonant connection with the Earth's natural field. This is different from 'earthing' – which means having direct contact with the surface of the earth. So, it is essentially an electromagnetic resonance that is being employed rather than an electrical connection.

    (In simple terms, Fullerenes - which are named after an American engineer called Richard Buckminster Fuller - are a form of carbon discovered in the laboratory that bring together sixty carbon atoms in a geometrical form that can best be envisaged as a football stitched together from twenty hexagons)

    A deeper benefit of the Lifespace device is that it also amplifies your resonance with your own ‘field of consciousness’ which enables you to subconsciously disconnect your mind and emotions from the stresses induced by wireless technologies. This resonance gives you the support you need to feel more positively energised and clear-headed which combats the unwanted and undesirable effect of being severely disrupted by non-ionising radiation from wireless technologies. Further detail on these technologies will be discussed on our website.

    Finally, another great benefit from using the Lifespace device is that it drastically reduces high frequency voltage transients (i.e. so-called "Dirty Electricity") from the mains circuit thus reducing another source of emf stress. This is achieved from a high-performance capacitor filter network within the unit. Also, unlike any other filter systems available on the market the Lifespace device includes two levels of ‘thermal protection’ which means it is completely safe if unattended 24/7. However, to prolong the life and effectiveness of this filter it is advisable to switch the units off when you are away for extended periods.

    2 Installation and operation

    Our solution consists of one or a number of devices. The Lifespace device or devices need to be plugged into a mains power socket within any house or building and switched on in order to work. This might seem obvious but there are products on the market that merely need to be inserted in or near a socket and do not require power. This product is a powered, technical device.

    When it is running, a faint green spot will glow under the name badge on the front of the housing. This is the power indicator, and it is deliberately very dim, so that when used in a bedroom the glare of the indicator is kept to a minimum. (If you want to check that your unit is running, you can view the indicator lamp in daylight by casting a shadow over it with your hand, or check in a darkened room.). A slight warmth will be felt on the housing after the unit has run for a little while, and this is another sign that it is running.

    2.1 Installation in a building

    Generally speaking, Lifespace devices are best plugged in close to the area where people spend most of their time, whether that be the ‘living room’ of a typical house or a bedroom (however we do not recommend locating the device within 0.5m of a bed). In a business premises the main central office is probably the best location for a Lifespace device, particularly if this is also the main technology hub. The key point is that it works to support the people in the building, rather than to counteract the radiation from wireless devices directly.

    Larger premises may require additional units, especially where more than one computer workstation or industrial equipment is in use. Please contact us for further guidance on installation if you are unsure.

    2.2 Number of units

    The coverage cannot be quoted simply in m2 as it depends on many factors, but in our experience the system works best in a flat with 2 units present and in a house with 3. A single unit can also be beneficial but the field will not spread as far as when it is being generated from two points in the building.

    Because Lifespace Technology works with the body rather than the emf pollution itself, the difference in effective range of a single unit vs. 2 is quite personal and depends also on how sensitive the person is and how much disruptive energy is in the environment. However, experience shows that as soon as the field set up by the system is generated from two points within the electrical system rather than just one, the effective field is much greater than twice the range of a single unit. So what this means is that it is usually worth having 2 units, because you can then cover a whole area - such as a floor of a building.

    2.3 Operation

    There is little to 'operate' on the device. It simply needs to be plugged in, switched on, and left alone.

    When the power switch is set to “O” the unit is non-operational. When set to “I”, mains filtering is active and the module responsible for both ‘Earth resonance’ and the generation of a ‘holographic field of potential’ are activated in order to support your ability to withstand electrosmog.

    By switching the intensity selector between “I” and “II” you are switching a 2nd module in- and-out of circuit, and thus adjusting the intensity. There is also a qualitative difference between the two as discussed below.

    2.4 The intensity setting

    The 'normal' setting for use of the unit is "II". If you are particularly sensitive, however, it may be worthwhile experimenting with the intensity setting of a unit located in a bedroom. In such cases, it may provide a calmer sleep environment to have the unit set to “I” instead. That setting is not only lower, it is especially designed to facilitate calmer sleep. You need to find your personal preference, and you may like to adjust the setting between "I" at night and "II" during the day, or simply leave the units set to "II".

    2.5 Acclimatisation

    If you are particularly sensitive, you may notice a shift in how you feel immediately after switching on the units. Some users report a slight feeling of tiredness the very first time the system is activated. This is nothing to be concerned about. It simply indicates that the biological system, and in particular the adrenals, have been under constant stimulation by the presence of Wi-Fi, and that the Lifespace system has now released them from that stimulation.

    If you feel particularly sensitive to the change, only switch on one unit initially, and add a further unit each day or at a pace to suit you. Start with all devices set to “I” and experiment with changing to the higher intensity “II” over time. If that does not feel comfortable, then continue to use the system on setting “I” instead, or even give yourself a break for a few days.

    Unfortunately, we all become accustomed to the continuous bombardment by communications equipment in our everyday environment and so it may take a little adjustment time to become used to the change. Furthermore, as a result of the adjustments that the body is likely to make as a result of the recalibrated environment, deeper healing processes may be triggered. This is positive of course, but should any discomfort be experienced it is advisable to introduce the use of the devices slowly.

    2.6 Use when travelling

    One of the great benefits of the Lifespace device is that it can be used when travelling, or in any environment where you are unable to control your surroundings such as an office or workplace. In these situations, you can use the device in a more localised manner. When staying in a hotel room, for example, it is best to plug in two Lifespace devices, one on each side of the room. A third unit could also be added in a larger space or if you sense or feel any discomfort from a strong wi-fi signal or other emf source.

    A single Lifespace device inserted into an at-seat power socket provided on trains is also a possibility. Trains are increasingly being equipped with wi-fi and fellow passengers are likely to be carrying or using mobile phones and other wireless devices. The benefit of a single Lifespace device in a 'hostile' environment such as this will only be felt in close proximity to it, but that is sufficient in such a situation. (Note that due to the extremely variable quality of mains power provided in trains - and the high level of voltage transients and other interference - the unit is likely to emit a small buzzing noise or a hum or crackle sound. This indicates that it is working hard to filter the interference and is perfectly normal, though regular use in such a situation may shorten the unit's life).

    Important: The Lifespace HOME device is not a medical product and it is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. If you have any medical concerns consult your professional healthcare practitioner.